Wednesday, November 12, 2008

NY Times Readers Choose Obama's Cabinet

This morning on the NY Times website, readers are encouraged to make their selections for five of Obama's cabinet positions. They are the only ones that matter any more - thanks, but no thanks Secretary of Veteran Affairs - Defense, State, Homeland Security, Attorney General, and Treasury.

Of course, there's nothing particularly fun about spending your morning deciding between Paul Volcker and Larry Summers for Treasury Secretary, but you can also WRITE IN a name as a choice! So link over and scroll down the "Top Reader Choices" list to find yourself totally unsurprised that readers helped Rashid Khalidi make the list for Defense Secretary. Also, William Ayers had been on the list for Secretary of Homeland Security, but appears to have been bumped in favor of Rudy Giuliani. And Jim Cramer for Treasury!

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