Friday, November 14, 2008

Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State?

It's been a hot item for the past 24 hours. It first appeared, best I can tell, on Marc Ambinder's blog on The Atlantic's website and spread through Politico, AP, NY Times and on down to the hamster cage shredding-papers - The Post and The Daily News - where the story enjoys front page teaser status this morning.

As Ben Smith on Politico reports: "The absorption of the Clinton government in waiting represents Obama’s choice not to repeat what he and his advisors see as an early mistake made by the last two presidents: Attempting to wield power in Washington through an insular campaign apparatus new to town."

31 of the 47 appointments made by Obama to his administration are people who served in Clinton's administrations.

Of the people I mentioned last week in my Secretary of State rundown, I'd place Clinton as my second choice behind Holbrooke. But she's far and away better than anyone else on that list. I wouldn't be happy seeing Richardson, Lugar, Kerry, or Hagel as Secretary of State. Chuck Hagel would be a surprise and I don't think it will happen - I think he's probably slated for Secretary of Defense.

The only danger with Clinton is back-seat driving. That said, she knows world leaders and if Obama's stuck fiddling with Wall Street's shit-storm for the first year of his presidency, Clinton would be alright dealing with the world at large.

But this is all speculation, so assume it's hooey until otherwise notified.

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