Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Health Care Mandate

From Paul Krugman:

"But now Max Baucus — Max Baucus! — is leading the charge on a health care plan that, at least at first read, is more like Hillary Clinton’s than Barack Obama’s; that is, it looks like an attempt at full universality. (The word I hear, by the way, is that Obama’s opposition to mandates was tactical politics, not conviction — so he may well be prepared to do the right thing now that the election is won.)"

Gotta say, if Obama's posturing on mandates was in fact a ruse, he had me fooled. Here's the key line from the Times article on Baucus' plan today: "The proposals are all broadly compatible with Mr. Obama’s campaign promises. But Mr. Baucus’s 35,000-word plan would go further than Mr. Obama’s in one respect, eventually requiring all people — not just children — to have coverage."

Obama gave standard platitudes to Baucus and his plan saying he looked forward to working with him and Congress on this important issue blah blah blah... This is of course sure to piss off Republicans/outgoing-Bush who recently opposed a proposal to expand health care coverage to children - WON'T SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN! - let alone quasi-humans like immigrants!

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