Friday, November 7, 2008

The Ditch Un-Diggers

Nineteen people, a country nineteen trillion dollars in debt (or whatever), one Hilton Hotel in Chicago.

Obama and Biden will speak with their seventeen-member Transition Economic Advisory Board today before a 2:30pm press conference; Obama's first as president-elect. The board includes such last remaining wealthy peole as Warren Buffet and Google CEO, Eric Schmidt. Also included:

Paul Volcker - Former Fed Chairman
Lawrence Summers - Former President of Harvard University and advocate of low-expectations for women in the sciences
William Daley - Because as a Chicago pol, Obama is required to have at least one person named Daley at every nine+ person meeting he holds as president
Robert Reich - Former U.S. Secretary of Labor and a man who looks much too comfortable in his post-political life appearing on Countdown and Real Time with Bill Maher
Jennifer Granholm - Who I presume is there as an example of what will happen to the rest of the people in the meeting if they fail to help the economy recover?

The full list is available here if you feel like wasting 46 seconds.

Obama has said no appointments will be announced today although it seems likely Robocop will soon be named Secretary of Unicorn Affairs (props to Nick and his terrific Tumblr).

One thing I wanted to address is the movement amongst my compatriots to draft Paul Krugman as Treasury Secretary. I love Paul's writing; his political commentary is astute and brave, and his discussions of economics are accessible and totally un-dismal even when the news he reports is. That said, Paul looks squeamish enough on Countdown with Keith Olbermann tossing him friendly questions. I can't imagine him wanting to stand in front of the world at a time like this barraged with questions. Writing is his thing and the academy is his place. I don't think mixing him up in Washington's politics is a wise move. Not that there's really a chance Obama will go that way anyhow.

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